The fares are calculated based on three main parameters: • A Base Rate (Minimum that you’ll have to pay) • Rates as per the estimated time and distance of the route • The current demand for rides in the area
Waka 24/7 allows for multiple options to pay the driver including cash, debit/credit card as well as mobile wallets.
You can cancel a ride already booked from the available menu in the booking details section in your dashboard
1. Requesting a specific driver is not available on the website. Soliciting drivers out of the platform is also prohibited.
1. Go to the Book a cab section and enter your preferred date and time and hour 2. Enter pick and drop location and book a city ride in advance
1. You can log in to the App and select long distance/intercity travel. 2. You will also need to select the vehicle type (bus or car), accordingly you’ll see a list of available options with fare and timings. 3. Select the desirable service, date and time, and pay by Credit/Debit Card.
The refund policy depends on each travel company as some accept cancellation after booking while others don’t. In case you’re eligible for a refund the booking amount will be refunded to you Waka Wallet. Please note that money in Waka Wallet can only be used to book another trip via the waka 24/7 website.
The amount in your Waka Wallet can only be used for a couple of things: 1) To book a trip on the Waka 24/7 website 2) To transfer the amount to a second user’s Waka Wallet
There are three ways you can transfer funds in your Waka Wallet 1) Purchase WakaCredit from any of our authorized dealers and input the code on your dashboard to fund your wake Wallet. 2) Net Banking
Rescheduling depends on each travel company’s policy, if they accept rescheduling, you’ll be able to reschedule your booking to another date as per availability.
For each successful referral (the referred user signs up), you will earn discount points which you can use to earn attractive discounts while booking trips on the platform
Navigate to your dashboard and scroll down to your transaction history, click on download to download the details in excel
You can withdraw funds to your bank account via your dashboard by clicking on ‘withdraw funds’ and then selecting the amount you wish to withdraw. Please note that we charge 100 naira as processing fee to other banks except Gt bank to which we charge only 25 naira. The transaction will be processed within 24 hours. This service is only available for registered companies on our site
Yes, you can withdraw a minimum of 500 Naira only. Applicable only to registered companies on our site
Click on ‘referrals’ on your dashboard, you will see the list of referrals including the ones that are complete as well as the ones that are incomplete.
Discount/Referral points will automatically be transferred to your profile which you can later convert to discount while booking a trip.
The departure time is the exact time of the day when the bus is supposed to depart from the bus station, while time left (in blue) indicates the countdown for the time a vehicle will remain unlisted from out website, which is usually three hours before the departure time. This was created to avoid confusion leading to overbooking of the same vehicle.

SAY HELLO, OPPORTUNITY AWAITS! Have Questions? Worry not and Feel Free to Contact Us at the Details Given Below

Have Questions? Worry not and Feel Free to Contact Us at the Details Given Below

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